Speaking at TEDxMünchen

Great ideas should be shared with the world. If you feel you belong on our TEDxMünchen stage or you know someone who does, apply as a speaker for a future TEDxMünchen conference today!

We welcome inspiring, authentic people from diverse backgrounds - professionals and non-professionals, scientists, artists, designers, architects, journalists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, musicians, just to name a few. Our speakers may be local or from anywhere on the globe, but they have one thing in common: an idea worth spreading.

As TEDx Speaker you get 18 minutes on our famous red carpet to present your vision, idea or thoughts in front of our TEDxMünchen community. Prior to the conference our curation team will work closely with you to prepare a presentation that will help you shine on stage. After the event your talk will be published on the TEDx youtube channel for millions of people to watch and share.

We feel extremely lucky to get lots of great speaker applications. We want to give the best ideas the chance to get on stage, so this is your opportunity to grab our interest. Surprise us and fill out the form for either our upcoming TEDxMünchen 2019 ”BACK TO THE FUTURE“. As soon as we received your application we will process it within the next week/s and get in touch with you.

You’ve got an idea but you’re not sure if you’re ready for the stage? Check out the four secrets to public speaking by TED founder Chris Anderson:

1. Focus on one main idea

2. Give people a reason to care

3. Build your idea with familiar concepts

4. Make your idea worth spreading and sharing

We also recommend to watch this video by Chris Anderson explaining what it takes to share an idea worth spreading: