In 2018 the TEDxMünchen conference reflected on the eternal values of human coexistence: FAITH. LOVE. HOPE. Together we asked ourselves what we really have faith in and which underlying values unite us as a convivial, cooperative and conscious society. We did dig deep into the meaning of love in a fully digitized society. And we explored how ideas worth spreading can restore our hope in a peaceful and just future for us and the next generations.

Thank you all for this wonderful day of existential questions and inspirational answers at the Münchner Kammerspiele!


TEDxMünchen FAITH. LOVE. HOPE. 18. November 2018 Münchner Kammerspiele




Zarah Bruhn

The Death of Alsijn

Dagmar Hirche

Warum wir das Internet versilbern müssen

Münchner Kneipenchor

Thomas Schulz


John Collins

Playing with the box

Florian Kaps

Trust your Senses

Mathapelo Ngaka

Empowering women - bead to bead

Schlecky Silberstein

Wenn Algorithmen zu Terroristen werden

Laura Dodsworth

Boosting Taboos - one body part at a time

Andrian Kreye

Macht Euch die Maschinen untertan

Christian Olding

Lasst Narben sprechen

Adrineh Simonian

Von der Oper zum Porno

Tainá Guedes

Big problems are solved by many small steps


Nina Schröder

Growing food in impossible places

Jan Stassen

Why values matter

Bart Weetjens

Why inner Well-Being inspires Well-Doing

Nathalie Weidenfeld

Digital Humanism oder how to be adult the digital age

Thomas Mandl

Why we need a One World Flag and what it could look like