Hidden Treasures


Zirkus Krone Bau

We and our speakers want to explore all things which might lie hidden. We want to look behind closed doors and find secrets.
We want to discover new places and take a peak at things we perhaps should not look at. We want to discuss the value of privacy and understand what privacy generally means to us. We want to discover hidden talents and retrieve ancient wisdoms. And of course we want to meet real treasure hunters and find out how treasures are found nowadays – on other planets, underwater, hidden deep in the earth or just at the flea market here in Munich.

Let‘s dig deeper!






David Matas & David Kilgour

Two Davids & Goliath

Daniel Überall

Die Flüchtlinge kommen

Ralf Belusa

How Space Treasures are found nowadays

Aeham Ahmad


Stuart Acker Holt

The most interesting Person

Brent Brisben

The Hidden Treasures of Sunken Treasure

Cobus de Swardt

Together Against Hidden Corruption



Bob Carey

How I Became The Guy In The Pink Tutu

Alison Killing

Borders Crossing

Tamara Ben-Halim

Hidden Spaces, treasured Places

Martin Walker

Living with Robots

David Jacob

Bridging The Gap: Connecting Employers And Refugees

Sarah Sophie