MUFFAThalle, muffatwerke

The TEDxMünchen community has grown in the past few years and the last events were a great success. More and more young people (students and also pupils with their teachers) are guests at our events and would like to get involved. This is why in 2019 we will organize an additional conference:

For TEDxYouth@München we want to focus on a +/-20 years old target group which is curious, eager to learn, very open-minded and ready to take action.

On July 11th 2019 we will be guests at the legendary “Muffathalle München”. A beautiful concert location with a great surrounding. The motto of TEDxYouth@München 2019 will be “Who if not us?” Whether it is regarding topics like climate protection, open borders or the chances of digitalization ”Generation Z” is taking more and more responsibility for the future of our planet and our society. Young adults and children all over the world unite with creativity and imagination to stand up for a peaceful and just future for the next generations. In this year‘s TEDxYouth@München we will explore ideas and projects that will relate to a younger audience and inspire changemakers under 25 to step forward and shape our future in a positive way.

 For this we have invited speakers and artists from all over the world to present their newest ideas and projects, theories or inventions. Stay tuned!




Luisa Neubauer

Luisa Neubauer ist eine 22-jährige Klimaaktivistin. Im Dezember 2018 rief sie zum ersten Klimastreik in Berlin auf, nachdem sie festgestellt hat, dass die Bundesregierung nicht plant, sich eigenständig um die Klimakrise zu kümmern. Mittlerweile mobilisiert die Bewegung Fridays For Future in über 200 Orten deutschlandweit Klimaproteste - und tut sich darüber hinaus mit jungen Menschen aus über 50 Ländern zusammen. In ihrer Freizeit genießt die gebürtige Hamburgerin Zeit mit Freunden, guckt Programmkinofilme und fährt Rennrad.


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