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The TEDxMünchen community has grown in the past few years and the last events were a great success. More and more young people (students and also pupils with their teachers) are guests at our events and would like to get involved. This is why in 2019 we will organize an additional conference:

For TEDxYouth@München we want to focus on a +/-20 years old target group which is curious, eager to learn, very open-minded and ready to take action.

On July 11th 2019 we will be guests at the legendary Muffathalle München. A beautiful concert location with a great surrounding and urban, egdy atmosphere. The motto of TEDxYouth@München 2019 is be “WHO, IF NOT US?” Whether it is regarding topics like climate protection, open borders or the chances of digitalization ”Generation Z” is taking more and more responsibility for the future of our planet and our society. Young adults and children all over the world unite with creativity and imagination to stand up for a peaceful and just future for the next generations.

Therefore with this year‘s TEDxYouth@München we will explore ideas and projects that will relate to a younger audience and inspire changemakers under 25 to step forward and shape our future in a positive way.

We will not only entertain you with the most inspiring talks by our young speakers but also set up a whole festival area with many workshops and side-events for you to join:


Registration for all workshops & sessions will be open within the next days. Stay tuned!

We would also like to extend an explicit invitation to all schools and teachers in Munich and the surrounding area to take part in this inspiring event with their students - as an incentive, as a further education opportunity, as a statement on how important it is to look and think outside the box and exchange ideas with others.

So if you are a principal, teacher or in any form involved at a school and want to take part at the TEDxYouth@München with a group of students - send us an email and let’s talk!




Luisa Neubauer

Luisa Neubauer is a 22-year-old climate activist. In December 2018, she called for the first climate strike in Berlin, after finding out that the German government did not plan to deal independently with the climate crisis. The Fridays For Future movement is now mobilizing climate protests in over 200 locations throughout Germany - while connecting and working with young people from over 50 countries. In her free time, the Hamburg-born young woman enjoys spending time with friends, watching program films and riding her racing bike.

© Marlin Helene


Dorsa Derakhshani

Dorsa Derakhshani is an Iranian born chess player who has been playing chess for16 years. She received the titles "Woman Grandmaster" and "International Master" in 2016. Since 2017 she’s part of the US olympic team after a conflict with the Iranian chess federation which lead to a ban on her playing in Iran. Dorsa hopes to inspire more people, especially the young, to have freedom of choice.

© Unknown


Florian Pachaly

Florian Pachaly was sick of the tons of one-way coffee cups getting thrown away all around the world everyday. So while studying together, he and Fabian Eckert founded the start-up recup2go. Together with their team they designed a deposit system for returnable coffee cups. Until today more than 2.500 gastronomers all over Germany are part of the project.

© Unknown


Aya Jaff

Aya Jaff is one of the most famous programmers in Germany.
Besides that, seh has many other interests: At a very young age she started getting into topics like the stock market, start-ups and tech. She has already worked in the Silicon Valley, Madrid and Hamburg and will soon publish her first book “Moneymaker”. Aya is the co-founder of the start-up CoDesign Factory that helps large companies to become more digital. She was awarded “Mrs. Code” by ZEIT and titled the cover of the t3n magazine “Digital Pioneer”.

© Martin U. K. Lengemann


Paul David Bühre

Paul really graduated from high school in 2017. How? He still doesn’t know! He started writing during his student internship at ZEIT-Magazin. His first book appeared a year later in March 2015: "TEENIE LEAKS - What we really think when we say nothing". After graduating from school, Paul travelled the world - and wrote a book about this adventurous, turbulent year. “DAS JAHR NACH DEM ABI” has been successfully published this year. Right now Paul is studying in Berlin and is looking forward to the long semester break in summer to hit the road again. Until then he draws and reads comics, watches tv shows, drinks coffee and likes to eat Chinese.

© Unknown

Maximilian Haberstock

Maximilian is our youngest speaker. He is a fourteen-year-old pianist, composer and conductor – and a student at Wilhelmsgymnasium in Munich. The first prize winner at Bundeswettbewerb “Jugend musiziert” is no stranger to the stage, whether the Philharmonic Hall in Munich or Carnegie Hall in New York. In 2017 he performed with Lang Lang for the German President at Schloss Bellevue. Quite impressive, right? In 2018 he was a student-in-residence in piano at the Verbier Festival, and has been invited back this summer as a Junior Conducting Fellow. In collaboration with his sister Ayla Sophie, Maximilian is the founder of the non-profit project Young Musicians Live.

© Unknown


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